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Our Testimonials

"My child's teachers are attentive to her progress in both academic and social development. The teachers are approachable and always have the initiative to update me personally on my child's daily progress. They are knowledgeable in their respective subjects. The academic schedule is well laid out according to the students' levels. The school also provides a variety of foods for the daily lunch."

Jasmine Wong, Parent of Hui Ling

"My child was initially very quiet and kept to herself. She began to open up and become more vocal and gain confidence throughout her education at iSmart. Teachers in iSmart are able to motivate her desire to learn more about the topics taught."

Lim Tow Chong, Parent of Kaelyn

"The curriculum is balanced and not overly focused on any areas. Timely feedback on my child's progress and how we, as parents, can work with the school to develop the child's learning."

Puang Chye Wong, Parent of Enzo

"The teachers genuinely cares about my kids' progress. They made special efforts to emphasize teaching on areas that the kids are weak at. Everyone is friendly and very approachable."

Parent of Seth

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