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Our Difference

Our educators are committed, caring and sensitive to your child’s needs and adopt an individualised and hands-on teaching approach. We have a strong parent partnership at iSmart Montessori and our educators observe, monitor and evaluate your child’s progress on a daily basis.

Individualised Learning Pace

At iSmart Montessori, we cultivate children’s interests individually, giving every child the freedom to explore and grasp concepts of language, mathematics and more, all at their own pace.

Low teacher-child ratio

With our teacher-child ratios lower than industry regulations, your child will receive personalised attention and guidance to ensure they are progressing to meet their learning goals. An additional curriculum specialist will support the development of lesson plans so that individual child’s learning needs are monitored, adapted and refined.

We’re big on parent communication

Our educators always set aside time to communicate and ensure parents are well informed of what their child is learning at school!

Purposefully-designed environment

An important feature of Montessori is the aesthetics of the learning environment and how accessible the learning materials are. Our learning spaces are carefully designed to be seen through the eyes of a child, with materials arranged attractively and placed within reach of children, motivating them to explore, interact and learn independently.

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