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Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment programmes are held to boost your child’s interest and expand their capabilities in particular subject areas of our curriculum. The activities are fun, which help students to become more engaged in their learning.

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Abacus learning is one of the best ways to improve arithmetic skills and number fluency. Abacus math also helps develop an interest and passion in math for many students as their confidence and understanding grows from an early age. It also help in improving concentration levels.

Kids Drawing

Arts & Music

When children are encouraged to express themselves through art and music, they tap into their inner creativity. While learning an instrument or creating a piece of art, kids learn concentration, dedication, and persistence. The motions needed to learn an instrument or create art are great for developing fine motor skills.



Unlike learning words by sight and shape, phonics provides the opportunity to learn skills that can be used to read almost any word. Skills that are learned stay with a child throughout their life and provide a stepping stone into their education.



Our robotics programs help to build the team-building skills of children as they work to complete fun challenges. Other advantages include improved creative thinking skill, improved social skills, improved problem-solving skills, and improved computer programming skills.



Learning calligraphy is an incredible way to develop fine motor skills and increase memory retention. Children who regularly practice calligraphy can benefit from a boost of creativity and imagination as well. In addition to training their patience, calligraphy can also improve their dexterity.

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Kidz Fun Discovery Programme (KFDP)

The Kidz Fun discovery Programme allows your child to learn through discovering in a fun way! They will be engaged in creative and stimulating activities such as Speech & Drama, interesting cookery, exploring music through various musical instruments and learning computer skills and educational games. The enriched curriculum enhances your child’s language, social and emotional development, imagination, creative talents and problem-solving skills.

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